Consideration for Formation of Multiple Member Limited Liability Companies (“MMLLCs”) and Family Limited Partnerships (“FLPs”) (Part 2)

Special Allocations

One of the principal advantages of the partnership is the ability to make non-pro rata allocations of income, credits, losses and deductions to partners

A non-pro rata allocation of income, losses, credits and deductions to partners is respected by the IRS if the allocation has substantial economic effect. Whether an allocation has substantial economic effect involves a two-part analysis that is made as of the end of the partnership year to which the allocation relates. First, the allocation must have economic effect. Second, the economic effect of the allocation must be substantial.

In order for an allocation to have economic effect, the partnership agreement must provide for the following:

  1. The capital accounts of the partners are maintained according with detailed rules in the regulations;
  2. Liquidating distributions are made according with the positive capital account balances of the partners;
  3. Any partner with a deficit balance in his or her capital account following the liquidation of his or her interest must restore that deficit to the partnership by the end of the taxable year in which the liquidation takes place if later, within ninety (90) days after the date of liquidation.

Instead of a deficit restoration provision, a partnership agreement may contain a qualified income offset, which operates to restore to at least S0.00 any unexpected reduction in a partner’s capital account that resulted in a negative capital account.

And thc economic effect of an allocation is not substantial if it merely shifts tax conscquences and changes recorded in the partners’ capital accounts do not differ substantially from the change that would have been recorded in their capital accounts without the allocation.

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