Travel Safely on Airlines

Because airplane crashes are so spectacular, they tend to make the evening news. As a result, people often forget how safe air travel is—it is much safer than driving. However, from time to time airplanes do crash. While passengers in the plane can hardly prevent a crash, they can take some common-sense steps to make sure that they survive any crash that might occur.

Airline safety starts before you leave home. Dress sensibly, preferably in long pants and sturdy shoes. After a crash is no time to find out that the shorts you are wearing do not protect you from flames, or that your sandals do not protect your feet from the glass and metal, or that your clothes are insufficient to protect you from the elements after you exit a crashed plane.

When you take your seat, note the location of the nearest emergency exits in front of you and behind you. Count the number of rows to these exits, and remember the number; this will help you in case the plane fills with smoke.  Plan how you will escape from the plane in the event of a crash. While a plane is crashing is the wrong time to be formulating your escape plan. As part of the plan, think about how you will help any children traveling with you.

Finally, get out of a crashed plane as fast as you can. Leave your luggage and everything else, and save yourself. If you have to use an emergency slide, slide feet-first and then clear the bottom of the slide for the next person

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