Leventry, Haschak, & Rodkey LLC’s Administrative and Government Law practice unit advises and represents its clientele with matters of local, state, and federal administrative regulations and investigations or proceedings before the related regulatory bodies.  In doing so, the attorneys of LHR regularly defend purported violations of administrative regulations in broad administrative law areas including but not limited to environmental, taxation, public benefits, transportation, community and economic development, energy, employment, and open records.  Additionally, beyond contesting alleged regulatory citations, our firm also assists clients in making application to and procuring regulatory approval from a diverse group of agencies at all levels of government.

With significant experience in and with local, state, and federal government concerns or regulations, LHR’s attorneys are able to support and guide clients through the complicated process of challenging a violation or independently pursing a new approval in these arena.  Consequently, regardless of the issue you are facing, we stand ready to meet your government and administrative law needs.


Brian P. Litzinger


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