If you are starting a new venture, restructuring an existing business, franchising, or handling succession planning, contact one of Leventry, Haschak and Rodkey, LLC’s attorneys for a consultation. We also offer tax law services, which tend to be a natural sister practice to the business community. This is one area where it is important to have an attorney as an integral on-going member of your business team.

Corporate and Business Law are of the utmost importance to any person or group conducting business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. After all, this area usually deals with your bottom line and how your compliance or non-compliance with the regulations affects your ability to make a profit.

This division of civil law deals with the creation of partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies etc., and how those groups must act or interact with various other parties. Business law also deals with the rules and regulations associated with how entities conduct various transactions, such as entering into contracts, hiring employees, rules of governance and conduct of company business.

These rules can become quickly intertwined, and can be further complicated by state vs. federal guide lines, tax laws, and an ever-changing corporate landscape. Several of our attorneys are well ––versed in this practice area, and we are retained by many businesses for our services in this area.


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