Civil Litigation is best described as a dispute between two or more parties that seek monetary damages or “specific performance” rather than criminal sanctions. Lawyers who practice in this area are often referred to as “litigators” or “trial lawyers”. Our firm has extensive experience in this area. LHR’s Attorneys have represented clients in disputes in matters such as Landlord/Tenant agreements, Product Liability, and Anti-Trust suits.

Civil Litigation can be broken down into several steps or stages. These include:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pre-Trial
  • Trial
  • Settlement
  • Appeal

*Note: not every case proceeds through all of these stages.

Discovery, or the process by which each party exchanges information, documents, files, etc. in an effort to “discover” the pertinent facts of the case, is normally the most extensive step in the process.

There are procedural rules which govern discovery at both the state and federal levels. In this type of litigation, your attorney must be highly versed in procedural law, have strong written and oral skills, be highly analytical, and be a strong negotiator. If you have matters in Civil Litigation, consult the team at Leventry, Haschak, and Rodkey, LLC, and put our experience to work for you!


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