The practice of family law deals with some of the most personal and at times, complex issues a client can face. The practice consists of family related issues and domestic relations including divorce, child and spousal support, custody, paternity fraud and testing, equitable distribution of marital property, alimony, APL, protection from abuse and adoptions. Leventry, Haschak, & Rodkey, LLC. provides legal services in all of these areas to help protect your legal rights. If you are in the process of separating from your spouse or significant other, it is possible that you may encounter many complex issues with respect to these matters. Not to mention that clients often face some of the most crowded court dockets in this arena. In order to face these difficult issues, and understand each of the steps in the process, we encourage our clients to set up a consultation as early as possible in order to prevent complications and unwanted delays.

Adoption is another one of our practice areas here at LHR Law. It is generally described as the process whereby a person assumes the parenting  responsibility for another person (usually a minor under the age of 18) and, in doing so, permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities from the original birth parent or parents. In short, adoption is intended to effect a permanent change in status. This can be a highly emotional and exciting process, especially for those married couples who choose adoption as a way to start their own families, or to help children in need. One of our attorneys can help you understand the process, and make your adoption a special experience. Contact us to set up a pre-adoption consultation, and direct all of your questions to a qualified professional!


Terry L. Graffius


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